Adder 2.0 says “Hello World” to the iOS and Android app stores!

Adder 2.0 says “Hello World” to the iOS and Android app stores!

[Cue dramatic music]

In a world, invaded by online advertisements, one team… had the audacity to stand up for the greater good. To help businesses invest in communities when they advertise. To help common folk pay their debtors and insurance agents.

That team was Adder Mobile Technologies.

No longer were ads to be used for purposes of evil — no longer were we to be interrupted when learning how to replace our brakes on Youtube, or reading a NYT article, or just jamming out to some Hootie and the Blowfish on Spotify not-premium.

No, this isn't the Adder team... or Hootie and the Blowfish, for that matter. I'm not paying Shutterstock $30 for a picture as part of a half joke. Really it's a good hallmark of a lean startup to not spend money on licensed Hootie and the Blowfish images, even if it's a tempting idea.
no no, not ladder mobile. its more like a metaphor for upward mobility.

It all began on October 19, 2018. 

That was the day the team launched the Adder 2.0 app, designed to help everyday drivers make money on their commute to and from work. Or to and from the ancap commune of bitcoin miners. Or wherever it is that people drive in their own time.

Whomever you are — Adder offers YOU the opportunity. To earn money whilst driving car wrap advertisements to and fro. Adder offers any man, woman, the opportunity… TO THRIVE WHILE YOU DRIVE!

With the Adder 2.0 app launch, drivers no longer needed to be bothered with signing up through the Adder website. Those days will soon be a distant memory. Drivers need not worry about doing anything more than signing up — for there are no payments or fees to use the app, or to contract for Adder.

Ok, maybe you’re right — we probably need to sleep after working on this for three months. Links for the apps are below!

iOS — http://bit.ly/adder-ios​

Android — http://bit.ly/adder-android

Let’s hit the road.

-Ian G
CEO & Product Designer


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