Adder Fleet (formerly known as Adder Scale) is designed with client savings and efficiency in mind, offering the same tracking and data driven advertising features of Adder Advantage, but using your own company’s fleet assets instead of the Adder gig economy driver network. With this vehicle advertising and GPS tracking platform, your business will be able to enjoy all the advantages of data driven vehicle advertisements, and also saving considerable cost by using your own assets.

Our proprietary GPS tracking and analytics apps help fleet managers and dispatchers improve fleet efficiency.  Adder Fleet also allows for businesses to create jobsite notifications and geofence zones to ensure employee accountability.

We’re also integrating enterprise grade risk profiling and driver behavior and habit monitoring to assist our clients in making sure their brands are being represented by the best drivers out there. This tool is also useful for ensuring employees are not driving dangerously or using their mobile devices while in transit!

Adder Scale is perfect for small businesses, LTL and routed fleets, insurance agencies, big tech companies — anyone that wants to get their message off the screens and into the streets using smart, scalable OOH advertisements!

Contact our sales team for a free demonstration of the Adder self service platform and the Adder Scale system today! New features and impression and conversion measurement tools are coming online soon!

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