Adder Team 2.0

Adder Team 2.0

Some of you have been asking about the new faces showing up in the Addersphere – for anyone keeping count, our team is growing! We shared this picture a few weeks ago and I feel it’s about time we explain who all the new faces are!

To say that things have been moving quickly would be a gross understatement of the progress we’re making. It’s hard to believe that it’s already been six months since our last round of big investor pitches, and three months since we reached our first round funding goals.

The Adder platform is coming together and nearing completion, which has us very excited. I’ll touch more on this later–when our CTO, Brandon Bush, does a feature on our development thus far. For now, we’re extremely excited about the team we’re building, and would like to take a moment to welcome them on board!

With all this exciting news, let me bring you up to speed on where things are at with the Adder Mobile team! Here’s some of the new talent that’s joined our team recently!

Russell Kimberling Director of Sales Adder Mobile Technologies Louisville KY

Russell Kimberling

Director of Sales

Russ Kimberling is a proven sales professional and trainer.  He has nearly 20 years of sales experience in the fast changing pharmaceutical industry. Russ has a commitment to developing meaningful client relationships and developing talented sales representatives.  With thirty years of demonstrated leadership as a military officer and in sales management; Mr. Kimberling is adept and skilled at identifying client needs and recruiting and training valuable talent for the company.

Mr. Kimberling has an MBA from Capella University and a Bachelors Degree from the University of Louisville.  Kimberling also served two tours in Iraq as a Captain in the United States Army

Dr. Timothy McDonald

Director of Business Development

Dr. Tim McDonald, Director of Business Development, is a business and education professional with over forty years of B2B experience.  McDonald has worked in sales and international business development roles with Fortune 500 companies Dow Jones and the former Knight Ridder Inc. in electronic publishing — some of the biggest tech companies at the time. 

Dr. McDonald has traveled to 34 countries on business and operated out of offices in New York, Chicago, and London.  Dr. McDonald also teaches in the MBA program at the DeVoe School of Business at Indiana Wesleyan University.

Dr. Timothy McDonald photo

Kevin Shelton iOS developer Adder Mobile Technologies, Louisville Ky

Kevin Shelton

iOS Developer

Kevin Shelton was raised on a small farm just outside of Murray, KY. Kevin attended Murray State University, graduating in 2016 with a Master’s degree in Mathematics and a Bachelor’s degree in Physics.

Kevin relocated to our HQ in Louisville, KY, and is excited to become part of the Adder team. A key part of our development team, Kevin is focused on keeping our iOS applications working great and looking even better.

Kevin and Brandon keep our development office feeling lively, too — any time you walk in there, you’ll hear an epic video game soundtrack playing. 

Bridgett Howard

Marketing Specialist

Bridgett is a Digital Marketing Specialist at Adder. She helps the team by spreading the word about research that Adder and their partners have done, so potential drivers and potential clients can learn more about what Adder has to offer. Bridgett likes to make her blog posts fun, informative, and honest. Sincerity is important to Bridgett, especially with her writing and she tries to convey that in her work with the brand.

When Bridgett isn’t writing for Adder, she’s writing for her personal blog, spending time with her dog, or practicing aerial silks and other circus arts. She’s also been working hard on a dramatic podcast with some friends as well. Check it out here!

Bridgett Howard Marketing Specialist, Adder Mobile Technologies, Louisville, KY

We have a few more team members that have recently joined our team and others that are coming on board soon, as well! Stay tuned for a follow up post and see how our team is growing!

Until Next Time,

-Ian Gerard


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