If you’ve made it this far – you’ve probably figured out what Adder is by this point, but do you know what Adder Advantage is? In a nutshell, Adder Advantage is our flagship car wrap advertising and gig economy service. Our unique platform connects businesses and everyday people through a mutually beneficial system that builds brand relationships in communities.

For businesses, Adder Advantage is a way to use everyday people’s vehicles in a vehicle advertising campaign. By using data driven out of home advertising, businesses can measure the impact of their outdoor ad campaigns in real time using the Adder platform.

For everyday people, Adder is a way to make money driving everyday without any passengers or long term financial commitments. It’s like Uber or Lyft, but for advertisements instead of people looking to go from point A to B. Drivers are vetted using the same system as many insurance providers to ensure that we have the best people working on your next campaign.

With this unique self service marketing system, Adder can measure and track the efficacy of out of home advertisements using data and attribution features to create meaningful and actionable ROI measurement tools from small businesses to the biggest tech companies.

Use of Adder’s mobile car wrap app is 100% free and has a plethora of extra features rolling out in the future for any driver to use — navigation, roadside assistance, insurance discounts, and more!

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