Already Ahead for 2018, and We’re Only 10 Days In!

Already Ahead for 2018, and We’re Only 10 Days In!

Time really has a way of flying past us — particularly when we get in the flow of building out our system and presenting to other businesses and investors! We’ve been making pitches, meeting new people, coding our fingers off, and of course, moving into our new home in Jeffersontown, Kentucky.

Ian Gerard and Collin Taylor with Adder Mobile Technologies make a pitch at Global Entrepreneurship Week 2017

This has been the case since our last blog update. Adder has been moving right along, getting closer and closer to our 2.0 system build. Additionally, we’re moving at light speed on our physical technologies that are all part of the Adder vehicle advertising and analytics measurement system. Needless to say, we’re all excited at what these breakthroughs mean for our company in the long run.

Collin, Brandon, and Ian are making moves

While I can’t share TOO much about our newest projects until the contracts are signed and patents are filed, what I can say is that we’re MONTHS ahead of schedule, once again! I for one think this is a great problem to have! As soon as we have more details to share, I’ll be sending them along. In the meantime, here’s us looking real stoked on having a place to work that isn’t part of someone’s house, or garage. We just moved our startup up to Louisville, Kentucky, and are excited at what the future holds for our team here!

In the meantime, we’re getting started on the FREE VEHICLE ADVERTISING promotion, so if you’re a business owner, or know someone who is, check it out, share a link, and sign up today here!

And as always, thanks for all the support and help we get from our friends and family. We appreciate all of you!

-Ian Gerard

CEO & Product Architect


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