Announcement for our business friends in Louisville – ADDER wants to help promote your brand

Announcement for our business friends in Louisville – ADDER wants to help promote your brand

Over 85% of people believe out of home advertising is useful, helfpul, and eye catching.

Take that percent compared to people who believe online ads are useful, and you get a much smaller number. OOH advertising continues to offer up new technologies, modern-day formats, and more creative thinking that help businesses and agencies take their messages further. We’ve all seen people flock to the idea on making extra cash, for example, services like Uber, Lyft, Grubhub, and more.

I want your business to know that our Louisville based start-up, Adder Mobile, is introducing another option, one that provides people with an opportunity to make extra money who are willing to promote your business. The best part, Adder is free to join and allows our drivers to remain completely free on the road, without instructions, or without having to pick strangers up or deliver food items. These drivers are already commuting everyday within the areas that your businesses wants to be seen in. Why not use them to promote your brand? 

“People trust their fellow communities more than they trust what they see online.” 
Data below from the OAAA proves that people are still favorable to OOH advertising.

“7 out of 10 people say they have seen an OOH ad in the past month, second only to television.”- OAAA Report

Out of Home advertising is effectively able to reach the most attractive consumers for advertisers. Majority of these consumers influenced with OOH range between ages18-49, plus they are typically high-earning, tech-savvy, mobile, and they spend 6-9+ hours per week commuting.

By placing your brand image on vehicles around the city, you gain even more opportunities for these potential buyers to see those ads, and effectively remind them of your business. Another advantage of OOH, is that many in this age demographic use ad blockers, over 50%. This is why outdoor advertising remains a proven effective local media tool. Over 70% OOH ads promote local businesses and within a recent global econometrics study, they proved that out of home advertising delivers a high return on investment: for every $1 spent on OOH advertising, $2.80 was seen in sales results.

Adder works because it’s the most efficient and effective way to make a large, memorable impact within a community. I’ve heard this generation referred as, “the generation of the side hustle.” As more people look for other sources of income, we understood that businesses constantly need to advertise and promote themselves, which is why we said we need to combine these ideas.

We’ve witnessed firsthand to startup or maintain a company image you have to throw cash at the rat race to be seen online, however, as new OOH platforms have emerged, Adder can allow your business to now invest within communities and to be seen even more effectively than a online ad would. The drivers who wrap their personal cars are already targeting the areas that you spend money on to reach anyways. Plus, research shown proves that consumers vastly see out-of-home advertising (OOH) as much more likable than anything they see online.

get a custom car wrap mockup with adder mobile technologies in louisville kentucky

Adder is on track to become the greatest combination of tech and OOH advertising in the industry. Join our free app today, start a campaign, and allow those willing drivers to start earning some extra cash. Win-Win.

Adder tracks the total impressions from these rides for your business to review, so you actually see results from the car ads reach in the community. Invest in your community today, and your brand is guaranteed to see an increase of brand awareness and guaranteed to see an increase of sales as a result of circling money back within its community members.

For further information or to start a campaign contact:

Work: 859.338.2369
Cell: 502.468.0667


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