Breaking the Silence

Breaking the Silence

It’s amazing to me that it’s almost been five months since our last blog post. I have to apologize for the silence — we’ve been super busy and a LOT of things are in motion right now. Let’s get y’all up to speed on our progress

Adder Mobile Technologies’ 2018 Highlights (so far):

1) Analytics for the Real World

Our team at Adder has worked hand-in-hand with a number of data scientists over the past few months to develop something that is truly unique in the Out of Home advertising market. While I don’t want to go into too many specifics this early on, the simplest way to explain it is that our new platform will offer much more to our clients than just driver tracking statistics.

We are creating optimizations and systems that will give businesses an array of services and measurement tools that will rival our online advertising counterparts, making their shift toward outdoor advertising worth the effort.

Most importantly, though, we’re focusing on bringing these innovations to the table while also keeping the relationship between businesses and their customers balanced. Instead of solely extracting value out of communities through advertising, our systems are being built to help businesses get what they need while also supporting the community.

It’s an ambitious goal, and one that isn’t solely profit driven (which is why we have to find so many niche investors), but we think that advertising needs this kind of community-minded disruption.

2) That’s a Wrap!

We’ve been sticking to magnetic ads for quite a while now, but the results of our research pointed us toward offering full car wrap services for the businesses that advertise with our drivers! That doesn’t mean we’re getting rid of the magnetic ads, but now, our drivers have the ability to make even more money driving per month. We’re talking $250 to $500 a month, versus $75 to $250, which is what our magnetic ad drivers were making.

Our goals have always included doing the most we can for our drivers, and this is an awesome way we can help people pay for their car, their insurance, their gas, and so on. To some of our drivers, the Adder check at the end of the month has become part of their budget, and we’re thrilled to be able to make an impact on an individual level. With wraps, that impact will be even more substantial! 

2) New Faces on Our Team

That’s right, our team has grown! We’ve now brought on additional sales people to help us get the word out about our services. And boy-oh-boy are we making progress with the new help!

Adder is now stretched from Kentucky to California, and we’re building up our nationwide driver database so we can be ready for our big launch (more on that in a moment). We’re looking at starting a number of large campaigns in the near future, and are really excited to build relationships with some national brands that Adder wants to represent!


This is probably the biggest one. No, scratch that. THIS IS ABSOLUTELY HUGE FOR OUR TEAM! We’ve been working day in and day out to acquire and raise funding to be able to build our platform out to incorporate the features that we believe are essential — and we just caught a big break. With new funding becoming available, we are working on a LOT of things.

Right now, our driver onboarding process is slow and can be frustrating to some. Our campaign setups are done manually, and generally speaking, things take much more time than they ought to. This will all be changing very soon! Brandon and I have been hard at work planning out the new features, wireframes, and systems that will be incorporated into our market-launch version of Adder. 

How soon, you ask? 

We’re hoping to have our new Adder system all up and running within 3 months. Seriously. To those of you that aren’t in the tech development world — that’s lightning-fast development and deployment. Originally, when we first got started, we were shooting for an October 2018 market launch, but I’m thinking we’re gonna be able to beat the clock yet again! If there’s one thing we seem to excel at as a team, it would have to be the speed at which we can innovate and implement our ideas (we once pushed a bug-fix update less than an hour after the bugs were identified to us, which I’m pretty proud of).

All that said, what will that mean for the future of Adder Mobile Technologies? Well, just you wait and see! We’re already running campaigns in several areas, and this new system will enable us to go coast to coast almost immediately upon launch. Moving to a scalable, self-service platform has numerous advantages for our team, our clients, and our drivers, which I’ll be very excited to show off when we have a demo ready.  

In a nutshell, things going very, very well and we are super busy as a result of our new funding. Our pre-seed investor round will be closing on June 5, 2018, so if you’ve been considering it, you should get in on the ground floor before we turn over our funding to the venture capitalists out there! Feel free to email me at i.gerard@addermobile.com if you have any questions!

-Ian Gerard
CEO & Product Architect
Adder Mobile Technologies


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