Welcome to our case studies! We’ve developed these to show how Adder works, and what information we have to show about clients we’ve worked with during our test platform development.

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The short version of our first year in testing: our clients love us.

We’ve been able to consistently deliver value to them as we give great CPM rates, and the best support in the business. As we take Adder to scale in the future, we intend to keep that standard as a cornerstone of our business.

Our team is working on a number of case studies to help show what kind of ROI businesses can expect from the Adder platform. These range from tests of attribution systems, incentive bonus structures, specific businesses, and so on.

We’re excited to partner with businesses that are interested in learning more by helping us develop new features and innovations that add value to their brands. Adder keeps an open mind when it comes to additional outdoor analytics and ad measurement systems and are happy to make new friends in the industry.

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Buckmaster for KY House

Read more about how James Buckmaster deployed outdoor advertisements that increased his voter turnout for the Ky 11th district in the 2016 election.

Jamey Noel for Sheriff

Clark County, Indiana Sheriff Jamey Noel utilized Adder analytics and car wrap advertising to get the edge in his election.

Adder Case Studies

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