Coming Soon: What to Do with This Location Data

Coming Soon: What to Do with This Location Data

If you spend your social media time on LinkedIn, or cruise the Business Insider Facebook page for the latest pointless arguments news and trends — you’ve heard the phrase:

Data is the new oil.

That’s a pretty catchy phrase, but does it mean anything?

A friend of mine might say, saying data is the new oil is kinda like saying be the iPhone of cooktops“. It takes a little explanation to give the phrase any meaning. At least, that’s what he thought. I tend to agree.

The Adder team hashed out the analogy, referring to ourselves as “the tanks, and the refinery” of location data. It’s not a bad way to help people wrap their heads around GPS based analytics data.

I recently came across a New York Times opinion about location data being leveraged for nefarious purposes and it got me thinking…

How can we explain the benefits of collecting this anonymous location data?

This is a work in progress, but I have a lot of ideas I plan on expanding upon in a response to the NYT.

Stay tuned.


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