OOH Analytics Platform Update – Version 1.1 “Emissary” & iOS 2.1.1 “Ro”

OOH Analytics Platform Update – Version 1.1 “Emissary” & iOS 2.1.1 “Ro”

The mantra continues… we’ve been busy. Busy building the best car advertising and analytics portal on the internet.

We’re pleased to announce the release of two new software updates on our client sided development, for the outdoor advertising Analytics portal on adder.io and the iOS tracker app for our gig economy drivers.

These new features primarily focus on improving the user experience and overall quality of life. But, that isn’t to say we didn’t pack in a few surprises. Let’s break it down by the updates.

Outdoor Analytics Portal Update 1.1: “Emissary”

The first major update for our recently released platform, Emissary, focuses on quicker data retrievals and queries. While some people might not mind waiting 30 seconds for us to comb through billions of data points, other clients have expectations of lightning-fast response times. We’re on it! While more improvements are being made in our geospatial database, we’ve improved response times dramatically.

Even more substantial for the Emissary update is the introduction of CSV export features for the analytics platform. Billboard advertisers were really interested in getting this one. We can’t blame them — having exportable analytics reports makes importing our data into your CRM easy as can be.

Our car advertising and outdoor advertising analytics portal now have report exports available in the bottom right corner of this screenshot!
In all it’s glory — the report export button is in the bottom right corner

Other improvements were also made under the hood and to the API, but overall, the major features introduced can be seen on the analytics page of the Adder Outdoor Advertising Analytics Portal.

iOS Update 2.1.1: “Ro”

Let no one ever sell you on the lie that software development is a glamorous and easy job. It’s not. We were raked over the coals after our 2.1.0 update, which migrated all the old driver accounts onto our in-house cloud servers. Unfortunately, there were some bugs in the signup process.

The good news? Those bugs have been stomped on for iOS, but early reports from one individual have us concerned that another bug may have appeared in the signup process. We have to take every complaint seriously, and we do, but we have yet to see any automated crash reports from this update.

We’ll have to wait and see, but our plan is to entirely rework the sign up process in the near future as soon as we clear our plates a bit. For any drivers who are interested: we take every email seriously, and always reply to our drivers. If you’ve tried to reach us and haven’t seen a response, please check your spam folder, or call our support line at 866-866-7269.

Also, if you’re feeling generous, we’d love some positive reviews to help reflect our work! It can be tough for app developers — Our most malevolent driver has claimed that we’re trying to kill her by providing navigation features.

That’s… a little dramatic in our opinion. We intentionally do not guarantee campaigns to drivers for cases just like this one — you can see why:

Sometimes, our vehicle advertising drivers can get a little punchy with us -- please don't treat our staff badly!
Don’t yell at our staff if you want something, please.

We’ve reached out to her on numerous occasions, though, which is why we always ask for folks to check their spam folder for communications from our support team!

Up Next: Outdoor Analytics Portal 1.2: “Bashir”

Our B2B clients have been much kinder and more helpful to our devs, as they always make awesome suggestions for features that help us address their specific needs. We’re really excited to be able to handle some of the unique and interesting requests we’ve received.

Work is ongoing for the next update already, and we’re hoping to have this one together within two weeks. We’re tackling a big challenge: billboard analytics and how to filter impressions based on which direction a device is moving.

Vector math… now that’s a good time. Keep an eye out for this feature to drop soon!

-The Adder Team

  1. I am not real sure what all of the acronyms mean, but it sounds like a lot of progress! Keep up the good work and thank The Good Lord for directing and ordering your steps for even more success!!


  2. Great post!



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