Driver Policy Updates

Driver Policy Updates

To all Adder drivers, and anyone considering becoming a driver, we have some exciting news for you!

This won't be much of a shift for magnet drivers, but be sure to keep them clean to protect your paint!

It recently came to our attention that there were a few gray areas in our driver policy that needed further clarification. Additionally, we have decided to update and improve certain driver policies in order to make things even better for you folks when it comes to pay dates. Our goal is to help you make money driving, and we think that should be as painless as possible

Payment Policy:

We were piloting out a system that would help us vet drivers, and that involved holding payments back as a sort of insurance policy for the campaign. Now, we’ve shifted gears toward a different driver verification model that will not require any alteration to the 30 day payment schedule.

Damage Policy:

The big news is that we’re now insuring coverage for your vehicle’s paint job/finish should there be any damage resulting from the installation or removal of the wrap. We still ask that everyone document their vehicles before taking them to the shop, that way we can have a precise record of it’s condition to prove when our installers make a mistake.

No matter the situation, you can rest easy knowing that we appreciate you driving for us, and our team will always work with drivers to make things right when there’s a mistake on our end.

Without further adieu, here are the changes we made to our agreement that everyone accepts before becoming a driver:

[removed zero liability clause from EULA]

Driver Payments

For standard advertising campaigns, ADDER will pay drivers upon completion of a campaign, or completion of a 30 day driving period on a particular campaign based on the terms set for each individual contract/campaign. Payments are currently sent via PayPal or paper check on the 5th of each month following the payment period.

Let's hope it doesn't come to this...

Vehicle Damage Policy

Any damages or issues with the installation or removal of the advertisements will be the responsibility of ADDER and its affiliate installer partner if the issue lies in the incorrect installation or removal of said advertisements. Each claim will be reviewed by ADDER and repairs will be made if ADDER is able to determine that the damages are the fault of ADDER or its affiliate installer partners.

For your protection, we recommend taking detailed photographs of your entire vehicle before beginning each ADDER campaign.

Client Payments

Clients using ADDER services must pay their campaign monthly budget and setup fees, when applicable, before the start of a campaign, and before each subsequent month of driver tracking. Late payments may be accepted, although a 10% penalty fee will be assessed for every 10 days of late payment. Specific payment terms are outlined on individual client scope of services forms, contracts, invoices.

//end driver policy updates//

That should cover the new policies as they currently stand. We’re still fine tuning the details before our wide launch in October, so stay tuned for additional updates on our development process! 

New features are currently being tested, and we’re very excited to share these with all of you when they’re ready!

-The Adder Development Team


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