Efficient Outdoor Advertising: Bridging Vehicle Wrapped Geo-Targeted Advertising and Word of Mouth

Efficient Outdoor Advertising: Bridging Vehicle Wrapped Geo-Targeted Advertising and Word of Mouth

The future of advertising will be the ability to measure ROI metrics with out of home ads. In today’s advertising market, it is crucial that buyers maximize their ad spend dollars and sellers provide back meaningful data; like impression counts, conversion rates, and campaigns ROI.

According to a BIA/Kelsey Industry Watch Report – geo-targeted ad spending is expected to rise to $32.4 billion by 2021.

How can we start making this possible today?  By using the Adder Mobile platform, brands can effectively use an outsourced fleet of wrapped vehicles in multiple highly visible areas to promote their businesses. And with our geo-fenced technology they can target specific locations that they want to be noticed in. 

With Adder Mobile, brands and agencies can now effectively use geometry-based location data to target specific areas that they want to be noticed in. And most importantly, engage their potential consumers in different ways that gets them talking about brands in those areas.

Vehicle wrap advertising is a proven tool that greatly enhances brand awareness. A single car wrap in an urban area can generate 30,000 to 70,000 daily impressions. Brands using vinyl wraps for vehicle ads also save on their advertising budgets. Car wraps can cut out high-costs spent for sophisticated online targeted advertising, which isn’t that effective as previously thought.

A good example of brands moving on from the online ad campaign craze, is Proctor and Gamble. P&G cut over $200 million dollars from their ad dollars spent in digital advertising and resulted in increasing their reach over 10%.  

“This new level of transparency is shining the light on what’s next—marketers taking back control of our own destiny to accelerate mass disruption—transforming our industry from the wasteful mass marketing we’ve been mired in for nearly a century to mass one-to-one brand building fueled by data and digital technology.”

P&G CMO Marc Pritchard

Along with P&G, other companies like Bank of America and Unilever are behind Mr. Pritchard in demanding more transparency in digital advertising.

Adder prides its platform on is its ability to remain transparent with brands. In the physical world, it is much more simple to understand who sees your ad. Our platform can eliminate fraudulent conversions, such as unwanted bots. According to the Association of National Advertisers, at least ONE-THIRD of the audience for online ads are bots or criminal groups that make millions of dollars selling fake clicks to advertisers and their agencies. They also reported that ONLY A QUARTER OF ALL DIGITAL AD SPEND REACHES REAL PEOPLE. They revealed that in 2017, bot-driven ad fraud cost businesses an estimated $6.5 billion in total economic loss.

Outdoor advertising in recent years has exponentially progressed with new innovations that allow for more measurable advertising in the real world.  

The Adder team is prepared to help brands take their message into the real world with our geo-fenced targeted mobile app. 

Our process of locating and geo-targeting an area for brands to advertise in, and then analyzing mobile location data in those areas – gives our platform the ability to measure ROI metrics in the real world.

Adder uses everyday drivers already commuting in those areas to promote these brands with car wraps on their personal vehicles. In-turn, our team will analyze those metrics to record a better picture how many REAL PEOPLE are seeing those cars. Therefore, we aim to create a memorable experience for drivers, and for consumers living or commuting in those areas that drives business.


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