How Car Wrap Advertising Can Help Engage an Electorate

How Car Wrap Advertising Can Help Engage an Electorate

Is your political campaign advertising strategy reaching your entire base?

Many political campaigners have focused their attention toward online marketing platforms in recent years. Advertisers like Facebook and Google have become staples in grassroots campaign strategies.   Afterall, why not go with platforms that can offer insights into demographics, education, earnings, and so on? Why not invest into marketing campaigns that can hit exactly who you need to reach? With the opportunity to reach millions with a click of a button, online ads are an easy choice.

Engagement with the electorate is the #1 way to spread your message.

Unfortunately, this convenience has come at a price. While these platforms have offered targeting options that were once just a fantasy to marketers, there have been numerous scandals involving major online advertising platforms in the past two years.

With Facebook, claims centered around interference from foreign governments that wanted to influence and corrupt the core of American democracy. In the case of Google, display advertisements and other systems have paired ads with dubious content.  One video on YouTube even published ads on a video involving child exploitation. The resulting scandal caused the advertisers to pull the plug on their ad campaign.

Despite the recent rash of mishaps, online advertisements aren’t going anywhere.  Because digital platforms offer marketers mountains of data that can be used strategically to help engage audiences, the value of online ads is just too great to ignore.

But what if this data could be targeted in a way that was more effective? What if marketing budgets could be made more effective with complimentary creative advertising campaigns?  With so many advertising ideas to choose from, picking the right place to spend your campaign dollars can be tricky.

Engagement is everything

One thing is for certain — online ads alone aren’t enough.

Whether it’s a primary or general election, constituents need to be engaged wherever and whenever possible. Ad blocker usage is increasing, and trust in online ads is decreasing. With these factors at play, it’s no surprise that many campaigns are looking for other means of engagement with their base.

Adder is one example of an advertising company that can help your campaign build presence and prime interest. Adder does this by engaging everyday drivers and paying them to wrap their vehicles with car wrap advertisements.

Imagine your own reaction to two ads: One shows up on your phone while you’re trying to find directions to your next errand, and the other is one you see along the way. Existing research showed that the outdoor ad is viewed 250% more positively than the online ad.

Edit: now, political advertising campaign research includes case studies verified with Adder Analytics, powered by verified GPS data.

Getting your own campaign started

Car wrap advertising is a tried and true engagement method, and now, it’s easier than ever to implement for your next campaign.

Adder Mobile Technologies has created a self-service web platform for brands and candidates to create engaging car wrap advertising campaigns. This platform allows campaigns to advertise on everyday drivers’ vehicles and measure campaign ad performance in real time.

What does this mean for the upcoming election? It’s simple — you need to diversify your ad spend, and out of home advertising has been proven to be cost effective and highly engaging.

With Adder, you can target your ads directly to specific areas (such as a particular ZIP code) to deliver a unique message to those voters. This grassroots-style of campaign advertising is the best option for engaging directly with the public in their own communities.

Think of it as building a presence in a community with your own fleet of mobile billboards. Adder’s network of drivers are always on the move, generating tens of thousands of impressions per week–so much more effective than static billboard on one intersection.

Our first political Adder vehicle ad campaign was for Sheriff Noel, an incumbent in Clark County, Indiana.

Winning an election is a difficult victory that requires earning your constituents’ trust. Considering many of the issues and lack of trust surrounding online advertisements from political efforts, it’s a smart move to diversify your marketing mix. While car wrap advertising might not be the best for every business, they are absolutely a great way to prime public interest in your own campaign.

Every politician knows that actions speak louder than words. Adder keeps your advertising dollars local and invested directly into the community. Imagine having your campaign paired with drivers who are excited to share your message. If you support them, chances are, they’ll support you as well.

Adder calls that effect the double dividend, and it’s been one of the greatest impact factors from our campaigns. Engaged drivers equate to boots on the ground, spreading your message.

Sheriff Noel used our SMART QR codes to see who interacted with his campaign and vehicles.

Finally, Adder can help your campaign link this creative outdoor ad experience with your digital efforts. Through the use of tested Calls to Action, and smart QR codes and custom built landing pages to direct traffic, Adder can help build your community and web presence simultaneously.

This integrated marketing strategy will give voters a chance to check out the full platform that your campaign is built on, driving traffic organically and on a local level.

Whether it’s the democratic primary in 2019, or a last minute 2018 general election campaign you’re looking to start, the team at Adder is ready to spring into action! 

Check out our client offerings today at adder.io or email sales@addermobile.com!


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