How to: Avoid Car Wrap Scams

How to: Avoid Car Wrap Scams

Starting a business can be really difficult, and we at Adder Mobile are no strangers to the hurdles a small business has to clear to get started.  From prioritizing resources to refining a growth strategy, we know how tough it can be to get your business off the ground.  While we certainly share the typical struggles of a start up, one of the more unique obstacles we face is criminals who take advantage of Car Wrap Advertising to scam people looking for passive income.  

Let’s get this out of the way: Adder Mobile Technologies is NOT a scam.  After a thorough vetting process, we place our drivers with legitimate campaigns and we pay our drivers monthly.  We also ensure performance tracking and full transparency for our advertisers.  Community growth is one of our core values here at Adder, and we believe in supporting our communities by giving their members passive income and growing the advertising of local businesses. Ripping people off is not a sustainable way for us to operate in our business and our communities. 

It really hurts us to see so many people burned by Car Wrap Scams.  Because we think it’s bogus that scammers are coopting a legit business model to take advantage of people looking for passive income, we’ve put a guide together to help you avoid the charlatans who give Car Wrap Advertising a bad name:

Be wary of any business that operates with wire transfers 

The classic Craigslist warning: think twice about financial transactions that are almost impossible to reverse. Many Car Wrap Advertising scam techniques involve offering a driver a campaign by sending you a check and telling you that you that some of it is for you and that some of it must be wired to the company supposedly wrapping your car. After depositing this check and setting up the external wire, the check bounces and you’re stuck not only paying your bank a bounced check fee, but losing the money you wired to the “car wrap company”. No bueno. 

Don’t do business with anyone asking for you to pay for your car wraps

(like this guy)

Winnie Mandela, is that you?

Businesses asking you to pay for your wraps up front are a red flag.  At Adder, we tell you where to have your wrap applied and we DO NOT make you pay up front for the wrap.  We organize payment directly with the wrap shop, and we’ll even reimburse you for Uber/Lyfts to and from the wrap shop upon presentation of a receipt.  

A Fortune 500 company is very unlikely to contact you directly to advertise on your vehicle

If you get an email notice from @Doctor Pepper saying they want to advertise on your car, think twice. Most major name companies go through agencies or 3rd parties to place their media buys, and therefore probably won’t directly contact a consumer for campaign participation. If you’ve been reached out to randomly by a big name corporation, contact the PR office of that company and verify its legitimacy.

Look out for janky form letters or off-brand communications

Does your invitation to sign up look like one of those “Forward this message or experience 8 years of bad luck” emails? It’s probably just as spammy as those emails your weird uncle refuses to stop forwarding you. Big companies rely on brand consistency and therefore don’t send out off-brand communications.

Check the presence of the company you’re being asked to advertise on your car

This may seem like obvious advice, but Car Wrap scammers sometimes make up businesses just so they can commit check fraud against you.  Always google businesses to ensure they actually exist, and if they do, reach out to them to them to verify they signed up for a car wrap campaign.  

The trust of our drivers and clients is important to us, and we’re not a bunch of sketchy dudes trying to siphon money from you. We don’t want to see anyone in our communities hurt by scams, and we urge you to take precaution even if you’re looking at working with other Car Wrap Advertising companies.
To advertise with a legitimate car wrap company, follow the link here.
To be eligible for a legitimate car wrap advertising campaign, sign up here.


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