How to Build Your Small Business Presence Within a Community

How to Build Your Small Business Presence Within a Community

Chances are if you run a small business like we do, then you’ve felt like some advertising decisions can be a nightmare to deal with.

In your head it may sound something similar to this – “am I spending too much on this ad?” or “has anyone even noticed my expensive ad?”

We understand this feeling very well. We’ve been in the same boat.


We’re here to help.

An advertising campaign doesn’t have to break the bank. Believe it or not, there are more creative ways to build your brand presence locally or nationally other than paying for expensive online ad content.

The answer: Car Wrap Advertising

It is well known that people tend to trust all forms of traditional offline ads more than they do online ads. Research tells us that car wraps have the power to become the most effective and efficient out of home advertising strategy, especially for small businesses.

Cost-wise, vehicle wrapping by far has the lowest CPM price rate among all other major types of advertising; besides free word of mouth. But wait, a single car wrap can generate 30,000 to 70,000 daily impressions! And what’s an effective way to get people talking about your brand?

Outdoor engagement is a great way to start getting people around town to talk more about your brand. Car wraps can effectively get people to notice your company for a low cost to do so, because you got creative.   

So, it might sound simple – if you haven’t already, go get your car wrapped to promote your business! However, will that be enough for you? One car? What if there was an app to get local drivers willing to help build your brand presence within a community?

Good news, ADDER is capable and ready to offer your small business a fleet of local drivers – who will spread the word about your company all around town. The drivers using the ADDER app can navigate through cities targeting areas that you want your brand to be seen in. Finally, it’s a win-win for local businesses and locals.

Businesses can effectively increase their outdoor brand presence within the community and people can make some extra money, without picking up strangers. Our services reward drivers and measure their impact in order for your small business to see a greater ROI on its advertising budget.

The ADDER Options:

Different car wrap pricing options by ADDER Mobile Technologies of Louisville, Kentucky.

Door Magnets 
Average CPM: $5.53
Estimated Monthly Impressions: 50,000

Rear Window Wrap
Average CPM: $9.52
Estimated Monthly Impressions: 70,000

Partial Body Wrap
Average CPM: $9.28
Estimated Monthly Impressions: 115,00

Partial Body Wrap and Rear Window
Average CPM: $9.20
Estimated Monthly Impressions: 145,000

Full Body Wrap
Average CPM: $8.95
Estimated Monthly Impressions: 175,000

Full Body Wrap and Windows:
Average CPM: $8.58
Estimated Monthly Impressions: 200,000


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