How to: Market Your B2B Venture to Your Local Community

How to: Market Your B2B Venture to Your Local Community

Although the average consumer is looking for stellar content and online connection with brands today, for B2B companies, that conversation can be a little different. Depending upon your product/service and industry, staying connected to the people geographically close to you can make or break your business. At the end of the day, we can invest dollars into social media advertising as much as we want; but, what about the people that share the same roads, restaurants, and institutions as us?

That’s where community marketing comes into the picture. If you want to learn more about proximity marketing and how you can embed your brand into the fabric of the neighborhoods around you, here are a few ways to market your B2B venture to your local community:

1. Sponsor Local Events: 

This is dependent upon your revenue and excess time, but sponsoring a local event is a great way to show the community your business is not only part of it, but it is also supportive of it. Local high school sporting games, charity events, holiday events, and more are a great way to step up and help fund a community-oriented gathering.

More than anything, show you care by being there.

2. Join the Chamber of Commerce:

Every town, village, and so forth comes with their own Chamber of Commerce today. It’s a great way to network with local business owners, as well as present your business services to those listening. Especially if you are a new business in town, this is an easy way to make 15 alliances and work with them to get the word out regarding your B2B enterprise.

3. Target Local Keywords:

Within your website and social profiles, keywords are used to boost your search rankings. These words are simply words local consumers and business owners would be searching to get in contact with your company. Make sure these keywords have a localized element. For example, if “business software development” is your service, then tacking on your location, like “Athens business software development,” will make it local.

     4. Car Wrap Advertising:                                            

People are visual by nature, constantly looking for something more exciting than their steering wheel. Pursuing vehicle-based advertising and driving it around your community is an easy way to ensure people know who you are, as well as know what your logo looks like. Although this might seem old school, it’s still an incredibly effective way to advertise to thousands of people out on the road every single day.

5. Give Something for Free

Whether it’s a t-shirt, guide, or eBook, think up something at little cost to you to give away one or two days per year. Who doesn’t love something that’s free? Be sure to use the opportunity to your advantage and plaster the free item with your logo and contact information.

Out of Home Attribution

If you’re looking to get your brand off of the anonymous screens and onto the streets of your community, consider trying outdoor advertising with Adder today! Bring your B2B out into your community.


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