Building an advertising platform is no easy task. We put in a lot of blood, sweat, and tears on a daily basis, but nothing quite compares to that feeling when everything starts to take shape. With every new feature we add, we find ourselves inspired to try new things and solve new problems. It’s really a feeling that’s hard to describe, but I think Col. Hannibal Smith said it best:

Today, we’d like to share some exciting new developments in the mobile applications. We’ve come a long way in the past several months, and I think you’ll like what we have to show you. Our development team has been working hard to craft a user experience parallel to none, and in that pursuit, has created a brand new look for the apps.

Word of Caution: The screens you are about to see are still in development. They are subject to change before our full platform launch.

The Login Screen

For those of you already making money driving for Adder, you should be familiar with the old appearance. It is simple and serves its purpose. To enhance the user interface, we added a nice polish on several of the screens. First, let’s look at the Login Screen:

With our new platform, we will be adding in a fully functioning account system. Through your account, you will be able to view all of your campaign data at any time. The new login screen adds professionalism to an otherwise standard screen. Drivers will be able to sign in to their profiles and access the full features of the app after creating an account. For newcomers looking to make extra money driving for Adder, clicking on the “Sign Up Today!” button takes them to a new driver account creation interface.

Setting Up Your Profile

Our old signup process was very basic. You would scan the QR code on your sign, enter your campaign ID, and email us your device ID. Once we received your device ID, we would enable your tracker in the system, and then, finally, you could start your campaign. It was a bit of an arduous task, to say the least.

With our new platform launch, we have streamlined the signup process to be as painless as possible. With this launch, drivers will now be able to sign up through the app, eliminating the extra step of signing up through the website. They will also be able to upload the required photos of their vehicle directly through the app, as well as an optional  picture of themselves for their user profile.

Now, driver and vehicle profile information is inputted separately.

The icons in each field change color as the user inputs their information, informing them if the information they entered is valid or invalid. The new signup screens are also swipeable, allowing a new Adder vehicle driver to easily go back and forth between screens to make changes.

The Main Screen

The new main tracking screen sports a more elegant look. Perhaps the biggest change comes from our transition from the Google Maps platform to HERE Technologies. HERE boasts an impressive range of abilities that we are taking advantage of to deliver awesome new features to our drivers. Oh yeah, did I mention that according to Ovum, an independent third-party analysis and consulting giant, HERE technologies ranks #1 in the world in terms of completeness of their mapping platform?  They beat out larger competitors such as Google, Bing, Apple, and Garmin, and have offered us excellent support in integrating their maps into our apps. We are very excited to be working with them.

We increased the size of the map to fill most of the screen, allowing the user a better viewing port to see their routes. As with the old version of the app, drivers will be able to see a portion of their realtime route driven that day, but unlike the old version, drivers will be able to view ALL of their historic data integrated seamlessly into the main map view. Our picture here shows a basic live view of a location in Louisville, KY. Note that this is not a mockup, this is an actual screenshot of the app in action.

We have also added a progress panel at the bottom of the screen, giving the user a quick overview of their campaign status (including how many miles they’ve driven on a daily and weekly basis) as well as their estimated payout for the month. Clicking anywhere on the panel will open a detail view, giving a more in depth look at how their ad campaign is going, but we’re not quite ready to show that off yet, so keep an eye out for more!

New menus make interactivity a breeze.

We have added a navigation drawer to the app as well! The drawer can be swiped out from the left side of the screen, and can also be toggled via a button on the main tracking screen. The drawer will offer a seamless navigation experience between the different menus a driver might need to use on a day to day basis.

Profile Information

Drivers will be able to view and modify their account and vehicle information via the app. They will no longer need to contact us directly for, say, a change of address or to update their contact information. Users will be able to make these changes through the account information screen, accessible from the navigation drawer. Changes will be automatically cataloged and updated in our system, making the overall system even easier and more efficient to use!

Setting up profiles is super easy on the new Adder Mobile app!

Moving Forward Into the Future

Everyday, our team stays hard at work delivering new features and concepts to make our mobile app the top gig economy app in the marketplace. We are currently rolling out new functionalities, including our anticipated vehicle ad Campaign Marketplace, where drivers will be able to view, apply for, accept, and reject campaigns near them. Our web portal has also received a major face-lift, upgrading from a utility tool to a streamlined and intuitive experience. We have many new faces around the office, all staying busy to ensure we can deliver the best quality experience to both our clients and our drivers.

The world of outdoor advertising is a competitive one. Every day, companies spend hundreds of work hours coming up with new, creative ads. Although car wrap advertising is a relatively young field, the competition is just as fierce, and with competition, comes innovation.

While out eating dinner the other night, I struck up a conversation with a gentleman about Adder. We went back and forth, answering questions that he had and addressing his concerns. There was, however, one question that stuck out at me in particular. He asked, “I can see that you have a market here, but what sets you apart from your competitors? What are you doing that’s better than them?” It’s an absolutely valid question, and one that I have answered many times to many different people. I explained to him why this feature is better than that one, why our analytics are better than theirs, etc… When I arrived home from dinner that evening, I really started thinking about that question, and I think I want to change my answer. What sets us apart from our competitors? Is it our in-depth analytics, or maybe our beautiful user experience through both our mobile applications and web portal? Some of our competitors don’t even have their own app on the marketplace, and are instead using generic third-party applications prone to error in order to perform their day-to-day operations. We might beat them in all of these aspects, but the one that, in the opinion of this humble developer, is most important, is this:

We are entirely dedicated to our clients and our drivers, and wholly motivated to give them the best experience we can give them. 100% Satisfaction, 100% of the time.

I look forward to showing you more of our features in the coming weeks. Our development team continues to work hard seven days a week, making sure that our platform is the absolute best it can be. My next blog post will show off our new web portal, as well as a couple of new features in the mobile applications.

Make sure to keep up with our blog, and if you haven’t already, head over to our website and check out what we have to offer. If you’re looking to make a little extra cash advertising on your car, sign up to be one of our drivers. If you’re a business owner looking to change up your advertising campaign, check out ourcar wrap mockup tool to get an idea of what an Adder campaign might look like for you. And, don’t forget to check us out on your social media platform of choice!

I will leave you with a quote, one that I discovered long ago. It’s a quite simple little phrase with a big meaning; One that’s motivated me through much of my adult life.

“The greatest barrier to success is the fear of failure.”

-Sven Erikkson


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