Marketing to ‘Ad-lergic’ Customers

Marketing to ‘Ad-lergic’ Customers

Oh, the Internet.

We love to hate it.

It rules our lives as consumers and business owners.

Every time we’re on the web we’re inundated with pop-up ads, social ads and marketing techniques most of us don’t even understand yet. (And as a business owner, we’re told that digital advertising is the only way to reach audiences.

But is that actually the case?

Is there something to be said for traditional outdoor advertising like billboards, transit ads, posters and vehicle-based advertising?

This massive digital billboard can be found directly across from the LA Staples Center

OOH (out of home) advertising is on the up and up, at least 1-5% according to most contemporary research, and it shows no signs of slowing down.

Though OOH only make up 6% of global advertising, it’s one of the most effective methods of reaching consumers. According to marketing research firm Magna Global, a whopping 50-90% of OOH advertising is seen by consumers.

So why is OOH hot right now?

 A 2016 survey published by Marketing Sherpa found that the 2,400 respondents trusted traditional advertising over digital advertising. Print ads took the #1 spot (82%), then TV ads (80%), catalog advertising (76%), radio ads (71%) and then outdoor advertising (69%). Digital advertising fell below all traditional advertising. Ads on social media came in at a measly 43%, while pop-up ads earn the title of red-headed stepchild at 25% trust of consumers. 

Consumer trust is down in digital advertising over concerns that what we see on the Internet could be “fake news.” A recent Rakuten Marketing survey found that 58% of American respondents associated digital ads with fake news. Not only that, ad blocking is on the rise with 80% of adults using at least one form of ad blocking.

But you know what can’t be blocked? You guessed it: OOH advertising. Consumers are forced to see outdoor advertising, whether it’s on their way to work, traveling across the country or simply waiting for the bus.

Now, this blog post isn’t to totally discredit digital advertising. Digital ads have their place in this world, and they’re effective at getting people to purchase a product. But, what we’re trying to say here is that traditional advertising—like a big shiny billboard in Times Square featuring Jeff Goldblum sexily selling your product or maybe something simpler like car wrap advertising of your business—continues to matter to consumers.

So if you’re a business owner trying to figure out the best way to funnel ad dollars, don’t scratch out of home advertising off the list. OOH is on the rise and is trusted by consumers. Also, wouldn’t it feel good to see your business’ name floating around your REAL LIFE community instead of the web?


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