So You Want to Build An Advertising Platform?

So You Want to Build An Advertising Platform?

 Update Journal – 8/2/2018

Building a system that’s never been constructed before is no small task. Software as a service, or SaaS, platforms can take years to iron out the kinks, and as long as a decade to fully develop. Look at adtech and martech systems like Facebook or Google, and you can see the pattern. It took a great deal of insight and even more elbow grease to make those platforms come to life.

Using modern OOH measurement analytics information in a marketing platform like ours is a challenge even beyond the traditional SaaS martech platform. ADDER is unique in the SaaS field because of the link we’re helping build between the digital and the physical world. Vehicle wraps and car advertisements are nothing new, but measuring their impact using millions of data points sure is.

The Adder Mobile apps are getting major overhauls and feature updates. The new UI is much cleaner for drivers trying to make money driving!

I say all that to give some context into the platform development we’re doing. We innovate and find better solutions to challenges every day, and it’s very exciting. Bridging the gap as an advertising company and a SaaS development firm is an interesting one, but thankfully we have a great team helping us get there.

And speaking of the crew that makes this happen, our team is proud to share some new photos of our mobile app and dashboard concepts that we’re working on! Bear in mind that some fields are placeholders and are not representative of the final product. We’ll also get into each feature one by one a little more later on, after we have the layouts finalized!

Our team has been cooking up creative advertising techniques and word of mouth measurement tools that will take outdoor advertising measurement to the next level. We’re talking about cutting edge improvements and tweaks that will make our advertising campaign options so much more robust than we originally intended. Things that we aren’t quite ready to share just this second, but soon, we promise!

While the Adder team super excited about our progress, we don’t want to give too much more away right now for a number of reasons. There’s a lot more we’re working on and trying to put together that will change the game in the long run.

This is a working mockup of the Adder Dashboard, used for measurement of out of home advertisement analytics by tracking GPS enabled devices and gathering meaningful information used in targeting vehicle or word of mouth based campaigns in the real world.

For now, here’s a peek at what we’re doing. It’s a mockup of our new dashboard that we’re working toward, although bear in mind that many of these components will differ in our final product.

Here’s where we’re at with our development — our target for an MVP market launch is still on track for October deployment. Even with new features coming together, we’re planning on sticking to that goal! Our new mobile apps are beginning to take shape, and our web portal is slowly but surely coming together as well. Information flows and frameworks are set at this point. Databases are being built and tested. The engine is moving at full speed ahead!

In preparation for the launch, we’re building up our business on all fronts. Specifically, though, we’re looking to begin developing client leads with marketers looking to start ad campaigns using word of mouth marketing, as well as our standard flagship services. The sales team and print shop are also bringing on some new team members to help move things forward, but if you want to hear more about Blueshift, check out our Facebook page and website!

To develop new clients, we’re considering using our systems to offer new value propositions to businesses curious about our services. This might take the form of free mockup designs, outdoor impression estimates, outdoor ad campaign estimates, a combination of those, and even more. Essentially, we’re ready to start showing businesses what we can offer with some free advertising tools that are almost ready for launch.

With any project, we want to test AS MANY components and features as possible leading up to and immediately after the launch. I believe that product development can’t be good without our client’s input. We welcome any and all feedback from business owners, CMO’s, drivers who want to earn extra cash by hosting ads on their cars, and anyone else that has any ideas they’d like to share.

Our objective for ADDER in October will be to measure how effective our advertising is to build our own brand awareness with campaigns that will be detailed at a later point. With that, we’ll be doing work on our own brand presence specifically in Louisville, Kentucky. That means that we’re going to be activating some drivers that want to earn while they drive! More on all that later, but again, we’re just so dang excited about all the things we’re working on.

At this point, it might be obvious that we have a TON of new things happening. Our momentum is at an all time high, and we can’t help but feel it push us forward.

ADDER still has a long road ahead, but we’re en-route and making as many impressions we can  while we follow our passion and work to make our dreams a reality..

-Ian Gerard

CEO & Product Architect
Adder Mobile Technologies, Inc.


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