The Adder Team


Ian Gerard

Chief Executive Officer & Product Designer

Ian Gerard, our CEO and Product Designer, has led the design, innovation, and development of the Adder platform from the start. Throughout his ventures, he has never hesitated to tackle even the most difficult problems.

First learning to program in MS DOS and BASIC at age 10, Ian is no stranger to designing and building complex software systems. After leading his first startup to exit, Ian set his sights on out of home advertising, outdoor analytics, and the share economy.

Among his many duties, he takes the helm on developing a SaaS platform while also scaling a national sales force. Ian also developed the original iOS version of the Adder driver app, so he’s no stranger to the nuts and bolts of what we’re building.


Brandon Bush

Chief Technology Officer

As CTO and Lead Developer, Brandon is responsible for the development of the mobile applications used by Adder drivers, as well as the maintenance of many of the systems that keep Adder running. Brandon holds a Masters Degree in Theoretical Mathematics, and applies it to his work with our analytics systems.

Brandon started his programming career by learning to use BASIC on a TI-84 calculator. Since then, he has programmed a myriad of applications, including software for home use, mathematical simulations, and even a few video games. Brandon’s favorite thing about working with Adder is being able to build a shared vision with a great group of hard-working individuals.


Russell Kimberling

Director of Sales

Russ Kimberling is a proven sales professional and trainer.  He has nearly 20 years of sales experience in the fast changing pharmaceutical industry. Russ has a commitment to developing meaningful client relationships and developing talented sales representatives.  With thirty years of demonstrated leadership as a military officer and in sales management; Mr. Kimberling is adept and skilled at identifying client needs and recruiting and training valuable talent for the company.

Mr. Kimberling has an MBA from Capella University and a Bachelors Degree from the University of Louisville.  Kimberling also served two tours in Iraq as a Captain in the United States Army.


Dr. Timothy McDonald

Director of Business Development

Dr. Tim McDonald, Director of Business Development, is a business and education professional with over forty years of experience.  McDonald has worked in sales and international business development roles with Fortune 500 companies Dow Jones and the former Knight Ridder Inc. in electronic publishing.

Dr. McDonald has traveled to 34 countries on business and operated out of offices in New York, Chicago, and London.  Dr. McDonald also teaches in the MBA program at the DeVoe School of Business at Indiana Wesleyan University.


Elizabeth Tai Camacho

California Territory Manager

Elizabeth Tei Camacho has worked in sales & management for 34 years. Previously working in photography and public transit, Tei is a natural fit and a great asset to the Adder Team.

Tei worked in the photography industry for 12 years. She enjoys capturing human moments, specializing in family portraits.

Tei also worked in transportation, holding a CDL license for 12 years.

Tei enjoys traveling, as well, which is great because California is a huge territory to manage!.

“Working for Adder gives me the mobility & freedom to work anywhere, anytime and have the flexibility to schedule appointments to accommodate the client.”


Lillie Beiting

Chief Marketing Officer

Lillie has lived in four different countries and five different states. As a polyglot, Lillie could comfortably get you arrested in Spanish and Italian, but could successfully bail you out of jail in French and English.

A digital marketer by haphazard accident and probable karmic debt, Lillie has had a 10 year stint managing digital suites for Fortune 500s and boutique marketing firms. Lillie stood up the Digital Marketing Program for GM French Canada, was a Regional Manager for Cadillac North America before becoming a Global Digital Marketing Manager at Stanley Black and Decker, and is currently the Director of Data and Marketing Analytics at The Impact Partnership.  With a background in everything from hand-coding to strategic multi-touch digital campaign planning to interdepartmental marketing campaign attribution and data analysis, Lillie is frequently mistaken for Google when people have digital questions.

Lillie is a pale straw color, with a spicy aroma and subtle notes of grapefruit, citrus and pear. She is fresh and bubbly, with an smooth flavour and a clean finish. She pairs well with seafood, fruits, salads and mild cheeses.


Bennett Rieser

Driver Support & Recruitment

Bennett Rieser is the customer support liaison for Adder Mobile. When it comes to a “customer first” mentality, look no further than Bennett. Whether helping a driver get started on the app or answering questions about the process, Bennett assists with anything query-related.

Bennett adores the concept of businesses small and large reinvesting directly into their customers and community, allowing them to reap the kind of benefits only magnates of the past could sow, and he believes that fomenting strong and loyal customers is the backbone of a successful business.

Bennett is an avid fan of history, and enjoys historically-inspired strategy games in his spare time.


Bridget Howard

Marketing Team

Bridgett is a Digital Marketing Specialist at Adder. She helps the team by spreading the word about research that Adder and their partners have done, so potential drivers and potential clients can learn more about what Adder has to offer. Bridgett likes to make her blog posts fun, informative, and honest. Sincerity is important to Bridgett, especially with her writing and she tries to convey that in her work with the brand.

When Bridgett isn’t writing for Adder, she’s writing for her personal blog, spending time with her dog, or practicing aerial silks and other circus arts.


Mark Jackson

Mobile UX/UI Design

Mark works with our team to make user and client experiences intuitive and functional. Leading UX design is no small task, but Mark is always enthusiastic in his vision for the Adder platform