The Adder Advantage

The Adder Advantage

 What is the Adder Advantage? How does car wrap advertising compare with its online counterparts? This is the question that Adder is going to answer, using smart, ROI driven advertising measurement systems. By combining and algorithmically collating data from hundreds of millions of devices, marketers will get attribution tools that simply aren’t available in the out of home advertising market.

There’s a lot more to the concept to be explained, and we’re not willing to share every detail right away, but rest assured — our whole model revolves around making advertising better and more equitable for everyone.

Until now, there has been a gap in the Out of Home ad business — data driven analytics have been the coveted invention of online advertising systems. But what if we could offer the same features — conversions, engagement, clickthrough, in the out of home advertising space?

What we would discover is that there is greater consumer trust, engagement, and satisfaction in the out of home advertising market, because these types of advertisements help a brand build its physical presence in a community.

But, Adder is more than just advertising measurement.

Adder helps brands, from the budding small business to the biggest tech companies, build direct connections with everyday consumers. Adder hires drivers — people that are advertising using the Adder mobile tracking applications, which could be described as Uber or Lyft, but for advertising. These drivers get paid for renting space out for vehicle advertising purposes, which Adder facilitates with its gig economy platform.

When a company invests directly into a community, there is a bond that is built between the two. Studies show that brands who invest into communities directly reap a benefit for that factor alone in terms of consumer perception.

In all, the Adder Advantage is a win for everyone involved. 

what is the adder advantage? how does car wrap advertising work?

1 – It’s Outperforming Online Advertisements

We have made considerable discoveries in our market research studies, which surveyed hundreds of consumers across multiple key demographics. We found that outdoor ads are 2x more favorable than online advertisements.

2 – Its Better Customer Engagement

Online ads are annoying and invasive, whereas outdoor ads are considered informative and interesting! According to our survey results, the general consensus is that online ads are very forgettable, whereas outdoor ads leave a lasting impression.

3 – It’s Better for Your Business

When our full system goes online in January 2019, we’ll be able to provide provable conversions on outdoor ads, making it easy to calculate your return on investment!

4 – It’s Better for Your Customers

When your company chooses to buy ad space with Adder, you’re making an investment. You’re investing in a person that will support your company and its message, in addition to hosting your ad on their vehicle.

5 – It’s Better for Your Community

Instead of sending money to a corporate server system on an online-only platform, you’re putting your money straight into the community your ad is running in. Doing that puts money in the pockets of your drivers, whose gratitude you’ll earn quickly with Adder!

6 – It’s a Win – Win

Lower costs per impression and a direct payout to consumers mean that everyone gets a chance to gain value from the Adder Platform.

7 – It’s for Everyone!

Adder is for the mom & pop shop, and it’s for multinational titans and the biggest tech companies. It’s for lawyers, doctors, moms, dads, students, Uber and Lyft drivers, insurance salesman, political campaigners, and church youth pastors.


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