The First Order

The First Order

So first I need to say a huge thank you to everyone that made this week so awesome for the Adder team. We had scores of shared posts, tons of support, and a great response from drivers and businesses! The reach we’ve had across social media wouldn’t have been possible without you, and we’re very grateful.

That said, I have some exciting news to share (I feel like I need to get used to saying that all the time, now that we’re up and running!): We’ll be starting our first campaigns at the end of next week, in the Lexington, Ky area, so if you wanna host the logo below for some extra cash, and perhaps even… free food, go to adder.io/drivers/ today!

The nerds among us noticed the title above immediately. For anyone who didn’t, its a Star Wars reference.

That’s because our first client is opening A Superhero/Movie themed restaurant serving the finest ramen noodles money can buy. And because we’re all a bunch of nerds (please don’t stuff us into a locker).

Say no to fake noodles

I should clear this up, before I go any further: to my broke friends, and the people that enjoy bricks of vacuum-packed noodle (cough, cough, the Adder Team), it’s not like the ramen we’re accustomed to. It’s wholesome. It’s delicious. It’s made by a nationally recognized chef. It ain’t your cup-o-noodles.


We're pretty excited about this logo, to be honest.

Now, those of you in Lexington probably already know about Dan Wu, aka The Culinary Evangelist, but if you don’t, you can swoop by his restaurant, Atomic Ramen, at The Summit at Fritz Farm. 

Or, should I say, you can help him get there. And then you can swoop by.

See, Dan is running a Kickstarter campaign right now, and  he could use your help getting the shop up and running.

Rewards include art prints, swag, VIP access (to the ramen mines, I imagine), and of course, delicious delicious ramen. Like, you can get Ramen for a year on that Kickstarter. You’d probably get to know Dan, too… Which would make you seem pretty hip.

Just sayin’.

-Ian Gerard

The post is over... you can go to Dan's Kickstarter

Why are you still here? The post is over! Go check it out!: https://goo.gl/SZfCos

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