The Problem With outdoor and online advertising

The Problem with Advertising Infographic

1 – What is Adder?

Adder, put simply, is like Uber, or Lyft, but for vehicle wrap advertising. Adder links individuals with businesses in a shared economy to advertise effectively, off the screens and into the streets. We pay everyday drivers to host car wrap advertisements on behalf of clients, while also tracking these ads and providing out of home ROI, analytics and measurement information.

2 –  What We Do

Adder displays ads from a business on a car belonging to one of our verified drivers. These drivers display the ad throughout a targeted geographical area. We provide provable data analytics to the business to help the measure the success of their campaign.

3 – Who We Are

The Adder Mobile team is a crew dedicated to creating a way to bridge the gap between businesses and the everyday consumer.Our team utilizes a diverse range of skills, from graphic design to an in-depth knowledge of the technology and advertising markets, in the development of a marketing solution that drives business to our clients, and gives our drivers an easy way to make extra money.

4 – Why We’re Doing It

We at Adder Mobile found that consumers are fatigued with the constant avalanche of annoying and invasive online advertising. We wanted to combine the analytic advantages of online advertising with the more attractive aspects of outdoor advertisements.

5 – What’s the Competition?

Our biggest competition is the outdoor advertising industry, including billboards, taxi-toppers, and car-wrap ads. Overall though, we’re more focused on creating meaningful out of home advertising attribution systems in one unified platform, so there’s a lot of potential!

6 – Why We’re Better

We offer a market advantage to traditional outdoor advertising media by providing provable data analytics and a robust information architecture. Offering ROI data helps marketing firms and business owners justify their advertising budgets.

7 – How We’ll Do It

Through the Adder Framework and App, we will setup a streamlined, integrated flow for the management of campaigns, driver accounts, and sign-ups, allowing our staff to focus on solutions for the clients and the consumers.

This system will be designed to use algorithms that pull data and information from hundreds of millions of sources and devices, giving our platform some serious power under the hood.

With this kind of information, we can build systems that help us build a digital paper trail in an analog market.

8 – What Are Our Goals?

We intend to build the most robust and scalable outdoor advertising platform on the market, and to create a win-win situation for both the advertiser and their consumers.

Adder wants to build relationships between data points, and data providers. We also want to develop our systems hand-in-hand along the top marketing firms and the biggest technology companies.

We’re also very focused on how we can disrupt advertising to the point where the flow of cash goes back into communities. With billions of dollars being spent on outdoor advertising, we want to help companies invest into the communities that they market themselves to.

9 – How Can I Learn More?

Keep up to date with the blog on our website, addermobile.com, contact our team at , and follow us on Facebook & Twitter for updates!

We’ll come back to edit this page from time to time. Keep an eye out for any updates to this post, and see what’s going on in the Adder Blog!