The Robots Are Coming  – A Note from the CMO

The Robots Are Coming – A Note from the CMO

Hey y’all, I’m Lillie Beiting.

I play a data scientist on TV, but I’m more of a digital marketer who specializes in cross-software ROI attribution modeling and database architecture.  I have a ridiculous tech stack: I work on everything from multi-language SEO planning to programmatic Google Ad optimization to marketing automation on my most beloved Pardot (LB + PD = 4E) to Salesforce architecture. I’m endlessly fascinated with the constantly changing nature of human interaction in the digital world, and working in the Martech space has allowed me to both study and participate in the wonders of our exponential era.

While a roomba being used as a punchline isn't exactly cutting edge, we think it's a great illustration of how far spatial deep learning has come since its introduction.
Woah. Careful around this guy.

Humanity moves so quickly now. Rapid technological expansion, instantaneous information transference, high performance computing and a never-ending stream of new software and APIs have allowed the world to interact like it never has before. Our Information moves like light in this era, in both viral digital waves and succinct, direct particles.  Our devices talk to each other. Our data is a currency. Our intelligence is increasingly artificial.

Marketing has turned into a wildly different thing than it was only a few years ago. No longer the department of lapsed sorority girls who “make Powerpoints pretty,” good Marketing Departments now contain people who understand how to read complex communication networks and reach people on them. To be seen and heard in the world of 2019 and beyond requires a solid grasp of data management, and to connect with people on the Internet of Things requires constant adoption of new technologies.

Adder knows the world is moving really quickly, so we’ve made rapid technical development a corner of our business.  We’ve opened our Adder Analytics arm, and we staff a growing Research and Development team. The Adder R&D team is committed to integrating and exploring new technologies into the understanding of human communication and movement.  Processing 25 billion data points daily and training AI models are only the beginning of our investment in pioneering this space.

Out of Home Advertising analytics Visualization
Adder Analytics provides out of home marketers with the insights they need to prove the value of their campaigns.

Adder has been one of the most interesting projects I’ve worked on, and it’s been a privilege watching it develop and mature. In my short few months with Adder, I’ve seen it grow from an analogue car advertising company to an ad platform to one of the most promising, cutting-edge analytics engines I’ve experienced so far.  I consider myself a very #blessed digital marketer to be a part of bringing digital analytics to the real world, and I’m so thrilled to be a part of the movement.

I, for one, welcome our robot overlords.

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