This is Your Brand on Ads

This is Your Brand on Ads

There’s a constant struggle to try to get your attention. If it’s not commercials on the TV, or brightly colored adverts in magazines, it will be Facebook notifications or text messages. Or perhaps that game you installed last night…and then there are all the people who want to talk to you in real life too!

It is very easy to become overwhelmed by all this input, but most people cope very well with it.

Knockoff Mr. Bean really, really wants to know about this sale.

Your brain is capable of filtering out a lot of this “background noise” and only lets a few things get through. These are the things that your brain considers to be important – the sound of your child crying, the voice of your spouse, and anything that is out of the ordinary.

Billboard advertisements rarely break through this filter in the modern age, but mobile advertisements on vehicles often do get through.

It’s not too common, and when done properly, car wrap advertising can really jump out and make you pay attention.

Ok, sure, this is a mockup, but click on the image and we'll mock up your logo, too!

Reaching your customers out of home

The whole idea behind advertising your services or products in any way is to get your message to the masses. You need customers, and advertising lets customers know that you exist.

The ultimate aim is to build brand recognition so that advertising becomes a reminder of what you do rather than the only means that a customer can find out about you. For example, one of the biggest brands in the world is Coca Cola. The colors and logo are instantly recognizable, and if you are thirsty you might automatically think of drinking the product.

if only it were this easy...

This kind of brand recognition is difficult to achieve on a worldwide scale, but by advertising locally in a way that gets noticed, you’ll be able to increase brand recognition and awareness within your own community.

People often have a lot of things on their mind, including jobs that need to be done, problems that need solving, and so on. Perhaps they’ve been meaning to call a plumber for a few days about that leak they have, but they haven’t got around to doing it.

One day, they are walking down the street and a car drives by with an attractive advert on the side for a local plumber. Their memory is jogged, and they quickly call the plumber to arrange a time for them to take a look at the leak – job done.

Without this kind of outdoor advertising, this result could not have been achieved, as most other forms of advertising will have been filtered out. But what if the person didn’t need a plumber? They will still have noticed the advert, and it will have been lodged in their memory.

They might see the vehicle driving by a few more times over the following days, and the next time somebody mentions that they need a plumber, the advert will pop straight into their mind. They’ll make a recommendation based on what they’ve seen and build brand awareness without any need for the second person to see the original advert.

Of course, when they do see the advert at some later date, the strength of the brand is reinforced.

Building a local brand

Many different small businesses serve their local community and the surrounding areas, and just need to get their name out that far. By using vehicle-based advertising within a certain area, a much better return on investment is possible than on a larger campaign that covers a greater area. You will only be targeting the exact area you want to reach and have to spend no time filtering out the customers you can’t serve.

When people become to associate your advertising with the area they live or work in, your business will be the first on their mind when they need the service or products you provide.

To try and achieve this kind of market penetration through any other method – including online advertising – would be a much more difficult process. Not everyone looks online for services, but most people spend at least some time near vehicles, whether they are driving, walking, shopping, or just relaxing.

Its like this ad is trying to count its own number of impressions with the #

It has been said that to be truly effective, advertising must be seen 6 or 7 times. This lets it sink in and be fully remembered by the potential customer. Using a moving advertisement on the side of a vehicle is a great way to increase the number of times an individual may see an advert, as it is not always in the same place.

This also leads to increased attention being paid – a static billboard advert can be quickly ignored as the brain has become used to seeing it. When an advert appears in a different location it tends to stand out more, increasing the effectiveness of the advertising campaign and building local brand awareness that will last.


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