Show your customers you're the smartest outdoor advertiser on the block, using Adder Analytics to show GPS-verified impressions, location-based conversions, reporting tools, and digital IP retargeting capabilities.

Whether you need better data on where your target audience is going, or to get a clue on how your ad campaign is performing, Adder Analytics will supercharge your workflow.

We hit the road in 2017 with a car wrap advertising app that some called "the Uber of advertising". Our customers quickly taught us what we were missing: ROI data. We decided to solve that problem, because no one else had done it. Today we help the largest mobile billboard fleet in the US track routes, impressions, and ROI with our mobile apps.

Make better infrastructure decisions by knowing where the public is moving, what city services they're using, and what roads are in need of traffic relief using our tracking systems and data.

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What's in our platform

Features Starter Basic Advanced
Analytics Dashboard
Measure movement of 50,000,000 people
Vehicle Tracking
Exportable Reports
Audience IP Address Export

Included Support

All of our customer accounts come with 48 hour support, access to our developer community, guided group webinars, and email updates.

Premium Support

With premium and mission control support, you'll have priority access to our project management and bug stomping team. 

Mission Control Support

Adder Mission Control is a strategic support plan that goes above and beyond, working with customers to launch their next big project.

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  • Take the platform out for a spin with this starter package.
  • Up to 5 Ads / Locations
  • Up to 100,000 Impressions
  • No Exports
$ 299 per month


  • Get your customers the data they need for their out of home ads.
  • Up to 10 Ads / Locations
  • Up to 5,000,000 Impressions
  • Basic Exports
$ 799 per month


  • Leverage the full power of Adder Analytics and retarget customers.
  • Up to 50 Ads / Locations
  • Unlimited Impressions
  • IP Enriched Exports
$ 1,999 per month


Adder Analytics Pricing FAQ

Let's get you some answers about the awesome features in the Adder Analytics platform

It's a system for measuring movement of people and their relationship to places. Originally built for outdoor advertisers to know who sees their ads, Adder Analytics is now a behavior measurement platform.

By measuring the movement of 50 million smartphones every day, we're able to tell the story of who saw what, and when. The goal? For outdoor advertisers, marketers, planners, and others understand the why when it comes to human movement. 

Not at all -- but we did start in the Out of Home advertising business! We can help with a lot of use cases, like helping cities know who's visiting their parks, for example. You might see language, occasionally, focused toward the ad industry, but that doesn't mean our platform is limited to a single vertical..

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While we don't collect names or email addresses, advanced plans include IP addresses with data exports, and can be used to retarget audiences with digital ads online. We personally use El Toro as our DSP, but we leave that up to customers.

Not in the Adder Analytics platform. We intentionally do not de-obfuscate anonymized device data. We understand the value that would bring, but have made the choice that our line must be drawn here. Privacy is just too important to us to do anything else.

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